Matthew Garrod expand his soloist career with “We’re on a ship”


The composer Matthew Garrod is again putting a foot out of the bands scene and releasing his second soloist work with the single “We’re on a ship”. With this new material the artist, who is also member of Oak Tree Suite, is looking for new horizons and starting a completely different road, that has been presented to us with a beautiful simple piece of music.

“We’re on a ship” is an ode to simplicity. Matthew reminds us how powerful a piano combined with quiet drums and soft bass lines can be. In this single, he manages to create the ambient of a boat in the middle of the sea, surrounded by wood and calm water that is slowly becoming a fearsome but gentile desert of living waves. In that subtle chaos, he finds a startling sweetness.

This single is meant to be a taste of the new upcoming material Matthew will be launching. “I definitely have plans, I will be releasing an EP early next year (Canyons EP) but will be releasing a series of tracks every 3 months throughout 2018”.

Matthew has had several gigs to promote his solo work, including the last one at the Sewing Room in Perth, but the single is actually a little goodbye from the country. “At the end of the month I’ll be relocating to the UK, so will be playing shows over there once settled”.

Matthew Garrod is presenting himself to us with an honest indie-pop style that has a subtle sweetness underneath and is letting us know that his solo road he is starting is definitely a bright path ahead.